High School Services

JWCC’s High School Service helps students prepare for and apply to US high school programs. Whether they attend a boarding school or a private/public/religious day school on a homestay, these students benefit from a comprehensive American high school curriculum. These schools promote the creativity and scholarship needed for college preparation.

Student Profile

Understanding a student is particularly important when applying to boarding schools. Each school will provide a unique environment that will serve some types of students better than others. The student profile we develop helps us understand what setting will be best for him/her. This process includes:

  • Reviewing the questionnaire, transcripts and standardized test scores
  • Discussing the student’s extracurricular activities and personal interests
  • Discussing the parents’ specific requirements and needs
  • Assessing the strengths and deficits of your student’s current school
  • Establishing short-term goals for succeeding in high school
  • Establishing long-term goals for eventually getting into colleges
  • Creating a student profile that encompasses all of the information gathered


Educational Planning

Boarding schools want well-rounded students who excel in academics as well as sports and extra curricular activities. We work with our students to build and showcase their diverse range of interests and strengths. If there are any problems your student is having, we help find solutions for them. We offer:

  • Assistance in choosing appropriate classes and extracurricular activities in current school
  • Advice on standardized test registration and testing dates
  • Recommendations for SSAT and TOEFL tutoring options
  • Monitoring of progress through monthly meetings over Skype, email and face to face
  • Identification of problems and solutions for overcoming them
  • Suggestions for summer schools, programs, or activities that match student profile


Establishing School List

We will assist your family with the special considerations for applying to prestigious American high schools. We will address the many concerns parents have when sending their young child away to school, and match your student with the best schools that will provide a safe, fulfilling experience. We offer:

  • Suggestions for schools matching student’s profile
  • Provide initial college list of schools within the three-tier system (Reach, Target, Likely)
  • Effective ways of research and school outreach
  • A final list of ten (10) schools to which the student will apply
  • The creation of an itinerary and route for these visits, including setting up interviews and campus tours; a personal driver who will provide transportation.
  • As an added service, a counselor from our team can accompany your student on school visits.
  • A tailored, student-specific timeline for application


Essays and Applications

The applications for boarding schools are meant to introduce the student to the schools through essays written by the student, parent, and teachers.  This process includes:

  • Creating a strategy for completing applications
  • Helping students brainstorm each essay
  • Counseling parents how to write parent statement
  • Recommending teachers to write recommendations
  • Assisting with online application submission
  • Communicating with your student’s existing school to coordinate recommendations, transcripts, and test score submissions
  • Assisting with Portfolio/Audition/Athletic Assistance (if applicable)


Selecting and Enrolling

Once your student has received all of his/her admissions-decision letters, we then will discuss college options with you. If necessary, we will follow up on all wait-list decisions and provide timely updates. Due to our personal relationships with some schools, we are able to advocate for our students. We will continue to advise your child until he/she has selected and enrolled in a high school.  We offer:

  • Waitlist Assistance (if applicable)
  • Suggestions for which school is most appropriate for the student
  • Assistance in communicating the student’s acceptance and rejection of offers
  • Suggestions for course enrollment and summer plans
  • Follow up with student through their first year at school

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