Graduate Service

JWCC’s Graduate Service helps students prepare for and apply to US graduate programs for a MBA, JD, MD, PhD, or MA.  We help our students package their profile, choose the appropriate programs and schools, and complete the applications and essays.  We often find that students best prepare themselves by beginning at the end of the 2nd year of university to begin working toward their graduate goals.

Student Profile

At the beginning of our graduate school service, we formulate a student profile based on where the student is currently studying or working, what his/her focus is, and when he/she hopes to apply for graduate school.  This process includes:

  • Reviewing our questionnaire, transcripts from college and standardized test scores
  • Discussing the student’s extracurricular activities and personal interests
  • Establishing short term goals for getting into grad school
  • Establishing long term goals for future employment
  • Identifying the best degree type and program for the student’s background, undergraduate major, and career goals


Educational Planning

We will help create the best CV for the student, which captures key undergraduate coursework, achievement and accolades, and relevant work experience. We then help your student identify the best professors and employers to ask for recommendation letters. If a student has already graduated college, we help guide them in choosing and excelling in relevant employment opportunities.

  • Creating a CV which captures key undergraduate coursework, achievements  and accolades, and relevant work experience
  • Assisting in appropriate course selection if still in college
  • Identifying summer and other internships to match student profile
  • Suggesting employment opportunities
  • Advice on standardized test registration and testing dates
  • Choosing appropriate exams for desired degree (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT and TOEFL)
  • Recommending test prep tutoring options to match student’s testing style
  • Monitoring progress through monthly meetings over Skype, email and face-to-face
  • Identifying problems and providing solutions for overcoming them
  • Teaching the student how to build relationships with professors who will write recommendations


Establishing School List

Choosing a graduate program is highly specific. We understand the differences between degree programs at the graduate level, so our students apply to those that they best suited for, where they are most likely to be accepted and succeed. We offer:

  • Suggestions of schools matching student’s profile
  • A focus on specific programs that will provide the best environment for the student
  • Instructions on researching each program
  • A list of ten (10) schools to which the student will apply
  • Discussion of college visits and information sessions
  • Interview prep and mock interview training
  • Connections for the student to relevant alumni


Essays and Applications

The essays and applications for graduate school applications require an advanced knowledge of the field.  It is absolutely critical that students successfully connect themselves, their interests, background and achievements to the specific programs in which they are interested. Our networks of counselors, consultants, and essay specialists help the student craft high-quality essays. This process includes:

  • Creating a strategy for completing applications and providing high level assistance
  • Helping students brainstorm essay and question answers
  • Providing assistance in online application submission
  • Providing advice on recommendation letters


Selecting and Enrolling

Once your student has received all of his/her admissions-decision letters, we then will discuss college options with you. If necessary, we will follow up on all wait-list decisions and provide timely updates.  We will continue to advise your student until he/she has selected and enrolled in a college/university. We offer:

  • Assistance in correspondence between student and school
  • Waitlist Assistance (if applicable)
  • Discussion of all the school options with the student
  • Suggestions to which school is most appropriate for the student
  • Assistance in communicating the student’s acceptance and rejection of offers
  • Suggestions on ideal living situations at graduate school
  • Suggestions for course enrollment and summer plans
  • Follow up with student through their first year at school

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