We provide a wide variety of services and packages.

Acceptance into top American academic institutions is a complicated process. JWCC offers exclusive and comprehensive services to make sense of it all.


Undergraduate VIP Package

JWCC’s VIP service provides a personalized, one-on-one approach. Our counselors get to know each student in depth to ensure that they grow and achieve the best possible results. Our VIP students learn how to approach their studies like American students, preparing them for success.

Graduate School VIP Package

JWCC’s Graduate Service helps students prepare for and apply to US graduate programs for an MBA, JD, MD, PhD, or MA. We help our students package their profile, choose appro- priate programs and schools, and complete applications and essays.

Boarding School / Summer School VIP Package

Going to America for boarding school before university, or just spending a summer in the US to work on English language skills, can be an eye-opening experience for students. We help students find the right programs for their level and guide them through the admissions process. JWCC believes that an early start is best, and that with young students, finding the right environment is crucial.

Application Services


Initial Consultation

We inquire about the needs and expectations of the student and parents and assess how JWCC can help the family.

Student Assessment

We create a student profile, taking into account specific requirements and the needs of both the student and parents. We present an assessment report and our professional recommen- dations on college selection and application preparation.

School List Selection

We provide an initial list of schools within our three-tier system (reach/target/likely) based on the student’s standardized test scores, school transcripts, extracurricular activity record, and personal preferences.


We develop a comprehensive schedule for the student’s application process, incorporating testing dates, application and supplemental material due dates, school visits, and interviews. We counsel our students in time management and other academic skills.

Completing the Applications

We guide the student in reviewing and completing the application forms, help them brain- storm, revise, and finalize their personal statement and other essays, and assist with the online submission of applications.

JWCC students learn to think globally so they are prepared for everything awaiting them at university and beyond.

Additional Services

Tutoring Coordination

We obtain a clear understanding of the student’s particular needs for preparing for standard- ized tests. We connect students with JWCC’s elite tutor network for testing, tutoring, and workshops.

School Visit Assistance

We connect students with American JWCC representatives to help organize school visit tours in the US. JWCC representatives are available to guide families around schools and answer their specific questions.

School Contact

Through our network, JWCC assists students and families with making personal contacts at certain schools. We advise families on methods to keep up communication with schools to maximize their chances of acceptance. Additional services are available upon request.
Additional services available upon request.

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