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Custom-service Academic Consulting
Helping your child reach their full academic potential.

JWCC is a team of dedicated academic consultants across North America, Asia, and Europe

JWCC combines its extensive expertise with personal attention to guide students and parents through each step of the admissions process to highly selective academic institutions in the USA and around the world. We encourage our students to identify their unique strengths and shape their personal goals to develop and present the very best version of themselves.

JWCC leverages a worldwide network of associates and our team’s extensive expertise in American and international education systems while fostering personal relationships through remote collaboration technologies, to ensure that each of our students reaches their full academic potential.


Our Education Philosophy

While an education abroad will undoubtedly help students achieve success, it’s important to understand how the American and international systems operate. At its core, the American approach to education is built on the concept of “learning to learn.” Students are taught to absorb information and in turn think critically, synthesizing new ideas. This is a life skill that extends well beyond the classroom, and will help open many doors in the future.

American and international schools are also composed of diverse student bodies which help to foster creative, independent thinkers and leaders while establishing valuable connections that will extend long after graduation.

At  JWCC, we strive to develop these  skills in our students:

These skills are learned through our guidance, practice, personal reflection, and development, and apply to all areas of study. At JWCC, we focus on our students’ personal development in addition to maximizing their admission potential. 

Whether it’s high school, college, graduate school, or a summer program, fit matters. We have found that our students go further when they attend institutions that connect with and can optimize their talents and interests. We are dedicated to ferreting out what makes each of our students unique, in and outside of the classroom, and aligning this with the programs and institutions that will allow them to realize their greatest academic, personal, and professional growth.

The JWCC Advantage

Individual Attention

At JWCC, we celebrate what makes each of our students unique. We listen to everyone in our families, and we tailor our approach to each student, striving to understand what will work best for them. This custom approach allows us to find the institutions most compatible with their potential. While we are academic counselors, we also act as life coaches, mentors, and cheerleaders, and we often maintain friendships beyond the admissions process.


Personal Development

As admissions to elite academic institutions is more competitive than ever, it is essential that every student finds, develops, and learns to communicate the best version of themselves. JWCC’s holistic approach ensures that every facet of a student’s profile is reviewed, analyzed, and maximized. Beyond our goal that each student be admitted to their top choices, we also wish to ensure a successful experience while on campus. Admission is only the first step – we prepare our students to succeed well into the future.

Remote Track Record

Since its founding, JWCC has leveraged remote collaboration technologies to bring together its students and associates across continents and oceans. We’ve refined these approaches over the years, and can confidently say we do so better than anyone. We are available to our clients at any time over platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp, and WeChat, and we use a host of programs to manage the application process.


Global Network

JWCC’s associates span the globe, from  throughout North America, to Asia, and the UK. This international and multicultural perspective grants our students unparalleled insight into the state of higher education and opportunities to find internships and summer programs that will aid their application process. When a student joins JWCC, they join a networked community dedicated to their success;. JWCC alumni are a valuable resource for student applicants.

Since our founding, JWCC has leveraged remote technology combined with a hands-on approach, and we combine both better than anyone. We have been using applications such as Zoom for years, and we are available to our clients at any time over platforms including WhatsApp and WeChat.

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